Amusement Park Ride Engineers at Kent Place School

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Get ready for the best after school program ever! This time you're in charge of building the most fun and exciting amusement park rides. From the design of the rollercoasters, to having fun with remote controlled bumper cars and even the layout of the park itself, your young engineer will learn about gear ratios, potential/kinetic energy, centrifugal force and more. Every session there is an exciting robotics build your young engineer will engage in. Along the way, they'll build problem-solving skills, gain exposure to how mechanical and electrical engineering work and, most importantly, have fun with friends as they explore the exciting world of STEAM. RoboThink is a global provider of STEAM education programs in 23+ countries around the world educating 50,000+ students every day in the amazing world of STEAM.

Amusement Park Ride Engineers at Kent Place School (2023-03-29 - 2023-05-31)
Date & Time

March 29, 2023

Start - 3:30 PM Wednesday

May 31, 2023

End - 5:00 PM US/Eastern

Kent Place School

42 Norwood Avenue
Summit NJ 07902 United States
+1 908-273-0900
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