Coding @ Parsippany Thursdays (6 Weeks)

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Learn how to code with RoboThink! Using RoboThink’s own special software, your student will be introduced to basic concepts of coding– from loops to conditions to variables– all in a fun and stress-free atmosphere! Build fun programs like a drum machine and a fortune-telling cheeseburger– no coding experience necessary, but basic computer skills required.

Coding @ Parsippany Thursdays (6 Weeks) (2024-01-19 - 2024-02-23)
Date & Time

January 18, 2024

Start - 7:45 PM Thursday

February 22, 2024

End - 9:15 PM US/Eastern

Parsippany Pal, Jay Hersh

--Parsippany Pal, Jay Hersh--
+1 973-335-0555
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